About Barbara

I have had the good fortune to call beautiful Sedona, Arizona my home for the last 18 years. For the last 15 years, I have also been blessed to work as a top guide for SpiritQuest, a premier retreat company in Sedona. I have supported and guided thousands of people in healing from past trauma, improving relationships, creating transformation in their lives, and feeling fulfillment in their day to day moments. I see people connecting to their spiritual essence and gaining tools to help them move through life with more ease and grace. Through these experiences I have come to realize that sometimes more is needed. Traumas from childhood and even adulthood can seem impossible to heal from. Patterns are called patterns for a reason. When a brain and nervous system (and therefore body) are programmed, it can be difficult to experience lasting change. Ongoing support is so incredibly helpful in shifting long held ways of being and thinking.

​It is my honor and pleasure to support you in your healing and transformation. If I can do it, so can you.

​With Love,


Barbara is a gifted intuitive guide, teacher, and coach (trauma informed). Her unique approach allows women to create the transformation they desire so they may step into living powerful, fulfilling, loving, and creative lives. She assists and guides people in unraveling and undoing of old patterns and limiting beliefs that contribute to creating discord, contraction, and suffering. This frees them up to create a new foundation from which to live.​With over 25 years in the Healing Arts/Personal Growth arena, Barbara brings a myriad of tools and modalities to her work. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Development (Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology) from CSULB and spent almost 5 years working in the Orange County Mental Health system as a counselor to mentally ill homeless adults. Barbara is also a certified Theta Healer, and has trained in Healing PTSD through yoga. She recently completed a Nervous System Regulation Coaching Program with Mastin Kipp. Barbara has also acquired countless hours of training through workshops, retreats, and personal growth work. She has studied NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), tantra & sacred sexuality, meditation, yoga, and is also a raw food chef and educator. She has participated in the Landmark Education curriculum as well as numerous programs and seminars they offer. Barbara lives her work in her own life, and has been on a path of spiritual growth and awakening consciousness for over 30 years.