Guiding women to courageously and gracefully dive deeply into their own power through releasing and healing past traumas, conditioning, and outdated belief systems.

Spiritual Counseling - Personal Alchemy - Trauma Informed Healing


My name is Barbara. I have been teaching and guiding women on their healing journey for well over 25 years. As a trauma informed guide/coach, it is my honor and pleasure to support you in opening to your true magnificence.

I believe Authentic Healing and Personal Freedom come from choosing to let go and live from Love.

It is in anchoring to this Love that allows old patterns and ways of being to unwind and unravel, revealing the nature of your true self.

This new way of interacting with yourself and with life can seem unusual and unfamiliar. Often, our old patterns seem to run the show, despite our efforts to obliterate them.

I am here to assist you in actually clearing these patterns, and stepping into a life filled with more ease, grace, joy, and peace. It is already within you to live in this way.

We are spiritual beings, living out this beautiful and challenging human life. To remember who we really are as spiritual beings, and begin to live life from this place is to live a life dedicated to Love and Liberation.

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How you can work with Barbara...

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What Clients are Saying...


Nicole D.

"Barbara has been my angel on earth. At my lowest point of the year I found her, and since then she has been my mentor, shoulder, guide, and has helped me learn to love myself again. Without the guidance of her this past year, I don't know where I would be. She helped me find the strength within myself that I thought I had lost. She has given me the tools to help me work on myself. I am eternally grateful."


Holly L.

"Before I met Barbara I had been in and out of talk therapy for years, trying to find the right person. I was really ready for deeper healing. Within the first 2 sessions with Barbara I got everything I had been searching for. I feel Barbara is the whole package. She guides you to your inner truth, and she is radically honest and reminds you of who you are, and your worth, and value in the world. She has such a great approach, I know she can help people from all walks of life."


Stephanie B.

"I had spent some time in therapy years prior, but when I met Barbara, the real shift and work started. Her approach was the only thing that has helped put me on the path to reduce suffering and get out of the victim mentality I was in. I was angry, bitter, resentful, and lost. Since working with Barbara, I've shifted my mindset and have become more positive. I recognize life is a journey, and I don't need to control it. I don't even recognize the person I was before meeting her, and I am so much happier with myself now."